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Chronic illness and psyche
- A mental challenge

July 10, 2019
Sleepy by Yuris Alhumaydy

What unfortunately often recedes into the background and many have experienced for themselves - living with a chronic illness is not only a medical issue, but also a mental challenge. One is suddenly confronted with many new topics, insecurities and fears, feels often misunderstood and sometimes unfortunately also quite alone.

Psychological and social factors are important

Of course, every person reacts differently. For some people, these emotional and psychological strains become noticeable immediately after diagnosis. Life is suddenly different and the familiar self is suddenly attacked. Feelings like fear, despair and uncertainty spread, one experiences a loss of control due to illness and feels helpless. 
Others, on the other hand, may only realize after some time, perhaps even years, that the constant upholding and showing of strength in the face of illness, fears and insecurities has at some point left psychological traces.

The social environment in which we live and spend our daily lives naturally also has an influence on our mental condition and holds numerous challenges that we have to deal with. Time-consuming contact with doctors, having to ask for help, having the feeling to be a burden for others or to have to explain and justify oneself for one's, perhaps invisible, illness are only some of the topics one has to struggle with.

The skills and tools to cope with the situation and to come to a good deal with certain topics are mostly - unfortunately - not sufficiently available. The coping with the illness is usually completely left to the affected person. This can lead to a vicious circle. The body may be attacked and weakened by the illness, and difficult feelings intensify, although inner strength and stability would be particularly necessary right now.

What are the possibilities for those affected?

Many search online for solutions. Forums and online groups can be very valuable for exchanging information with other affected people. The tone, however, can easily slip into the negative and possibly destructive approaches and attitudes in dealing with the illness can not be questioned, let alone professional ways and orientation can be provided.

Psychologists and psychotherapists are not easily accessible as far as costs, availability and distance are concerned and unfortunately often come too late into play when a serious mental illness has to be treated.

What would be more in demand here for patients with physical chronic illnesses: a simply available, professional and sympathetic support in between, for the very specific topics and challenges in everyday life.

Vila has developed a digital companion

Person, human, people and phone by Yura Fresh

Vila Health has therefore developed a smart, digital companion that supports people with chronic illness holistically and sympathetically on their way. Step by step, various topics are tackled together in short, pleasant conversations and valuable methods and tools for dealing with the specific challenges are learned. How do I deal with difficult feelings related to my illness? How can I keep control over my life? What is the best way to talk to strangers, friends and family about my situation? What is important for me to get support, but also to set limits? How do I deal with pain? How can I deal with the problems associated with an "invisible" illness?

These are just a few of the many interesting topics that Vila will guide you through. The goal is to achieve an additional quality of life, despite and with illness.

Try it now for free and get started! For more information and free trial: LINK

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